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My Qualifications

I trained with Neal's Yard Remedies and have a diploma in aromatherapy and essential oil science.

What are essential oils and how are they used?

Essential oils are another way in which we connect with the healing power of plants. They are constituents extracted from plants, usually by distillation but other methods can be used. It generally takes a large amount of plant to produce a small amount of oil, so they are concentrated products that can have powerful effects both emotionally and physically. There are many essential oils and each oil may have multiple effects. Lavender, for example, may be used for relaxation, insomnia, period pain, head-aches, itchy skin, muscle pain, asthma, candida and digestive disturbances.

Essential oils can be used in a number of ways. In this country they are most commonly used in massage treatments, baths, by inhalation and in compresses. Some can be taken internally, but please do not do this unless you have the relevant qualifications and know what you are doing. They are very strong and can cause harm if used incorrectly.

What does an aromatherapy massage involve?

Before your first treatment I will take a detailed consultation and discuss with you what you would like to get out of your treatments. You will be involved in the process of picking the essential oils for each massage and I will then mix them into a carrier oil. At the end of the treatment you will be given the remaining oil mix to take home with you. Each treatment may involve a different selection of oils, depending on how you present on the day of your massage. The massage itself is quite gentle. It is not a deep tissue massage. It does not need to be as the oils do a lot of the work.

As the oil mix is chosen and made up after discussing your needs for each session, I would recommend a 75 or 90 minute appointment if you wish to have a full body massage. If you only wish to have a 60 minute appointment we will discuss at the beginning of the session what areas you would like to prioritise and what can be missed out at that session. The cost of the massage includes the rest of the body oil to take home with you. If you would like to take a personalised facial oil home as well there is an additional charge of £5. There will also be a small additional charge if you would like other products to use at home between treatments (such as stronger mixes for local topical application, bath oils or inhalation sticks).

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